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CID Files Criminal Intelligence Division

This file can be found on Roll 67.

Box Roll File Date Folder Title/Contents Link Tags Date Notes Pages
119 67 10381 1925 Japanese mill strike and Bolshevism 1925 North China Daily News Newspaper clipping on alleged law sentencing those advocating communism to 5-10 years imprisonment. Translation of letter claiming that this was a rumour. Shanghai Times clip on cotton mill strike alleged Communist connections. Four men observed distributing some 200 pamphlets at Gordon and Haiphon Road corner. Pamphlets to be distributed among workers at Japanese mills. Report on strike at Japan and China Cotton Mill. 16 Feb letter from Tokwa Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha saying the strike is spreading to Naigai Spinning Company and “every quarters”. Report of arrest for a man on charge of destroying property. Information on “agitator” Liu Yu Zang as “ringleader” of riot. One Y. Harada injured in a riot at Toyoda Cotton Mill, very serious condition. Discussion of case details with a published item deamed not to be Bolshevist or Communist, merely anti-foreign. Cover report: “Police investigation failed to disclose any proof that the strike in question in its primary stage was anything but the result of a real or imaginary grievance. It was only after the trouble started that the interest of the Communists…was aroused sufficiently…” 34
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