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N Files Reports made 1943-1945 during the Japanese Occupation

The 269 N Files are located on Rolls 60-62 (60,61,62). Despite the description of the collection, most of the files are dated from earlier, especially 1940-1942.

16 of the listed files were not located in the rolls or individual files.

It is important to keep in mind that any claims in these documents must be viewed with great care. SMP police records are filled with stereotypes, rumor, gossip, slander, and unsubstantiated claims about the individuals it reports on.

When there are two links provided, links to the individual files on their own (as opposed to pages within the rolls) are often clearer images. However, sometimes the rolls include pages missing from the individual files so worth checking.

Individual SMPA Files Tagged as N Files

Box Roll File Folder Title/Contents Link Tags Date Notes Pages
112 61 2 Pamphlets advocating patronage of the newly opened Wang Ching Wei Central Reserve Bank of China
1941.6 “Support the new legal tender which has unlimited reserves and credit.” 4
112 60 20C Arrest of a German national in Cathay Theatre 1940.5 R. Willers jumped to feet and gave Nazi solute and yelling Heil Hitler 1
112 60 32C Captain W. Stennes suspected Nazi agent - activities
cross-ref D9522© 2
112 60 33 Two German seamen missing - request by German Consulate General cross-ref 1
112 60 33C Disappearance of German seaman
cross-ref 1, 6
112 60 37C Leon Britton - anonymous letter alleging espionage on behalf of Japanese
112 60 48 Departure of Col. De Fremery, Netherlands subject adviser to Generalissimo Chang Kai Shek, for Batavia, Java
1940.5 Will join the Dutch military there. 2
112 60 80C Russian Emigrants Association
112 60 97C Ludwig Iffert - unlawful activities
112 60 101 Nail barrel makers - on strike
1940.10 Strike report 22
112 62 102 Report on strike, Jan. 9, 1942
1942.1 strike report 2
112 60 103 Arrest of C.D.S. 219 by other authorities
1940 Said to be detained at 94 Jessfield Road by the Japanese military police 13
112 60 156C Miss Juliette Chow Fee Teh or Julia Chow alias Chow Chi Peh alias Mrs. T. K. Chow
1940.4 Said to be native of Fujian, owns car givent to her by Portuguese boyfriend. Husband was KMT official, left her with outbreak of war. She then lived with German who left for Hong Kong after 18 months. Then together with an Italian connected with the defense force, then together with Portuguese. Left for Hong Kong twice in 1939 and then back to Shanghai. 2
112 60 163C Allan Willoughby Raymond activities
1940.7 from Australia, marble business. Debts. 11
112 60 179C Miss Lilo Linke
1940.7 suspected of being “Fifth Columnist” in Bogota, Colombia, claims to have fled Hitler, leftist author 4
112 60 189C Activities of H. T. Kaeger, Mme. M. S. Krasnopeeva and G. Stiefenhofer
1940.6 Nothing known of the individual. Alleged to be American. 4
113 60 218C Robbery of manuscripts from flat of Mr. Hallett Abend (American) in Broadway mansions
1940 attacked and beaten up by two masked Japanese, allegedly. Manuscript he had been writing on the life of General Ward taken. 25
113 60 241C Assassination of Charles E. Metzler, in Nanyang Road on 2-8-40 (BW F.I.R. 1728/40)
113 60 276C Social Movement Direction Committee of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the National Government
1942.6 Connected to the Nanjing regime. Includes files on attempt on life of one of the committee members by a “desperado”. File on demands by the org that merchants register and have registration sent to Jessfield Road station. On local trades ignoring order. 49
113 60 280C Robert Sandeman Lamb (British)
1940 British, reported to have served as officer in Indian Army or Air Force, worked for General Motors, business manager of Cathay Cosmopolitan. Said to be subsidized by (Japanese) South Manchurian Railway. Publication also involves Paul Paelz “known to be an active agent of the Nazi Party”. Publication ceased 1937.8. Various other reports of him. 18
113 60 281C Mrs. Elisaveta Greenhouse - antecedents and activities
113 60 282C F. Anthony Sampson
1940 letter received by mistaken use of address. 2
113 60 297/1 Third anniversary of local Sino-Japanese hostilities Aug. 13 - observance
1940.8 “Enquiries emong public bodies, schools, and refugee camps ascertein that they will not hold any meetings or undertake any other form of activity.” Theaters and amusement centers will close but factories remain open. “Commencing from 6,00 p.m, August Sth, internal Search Parties consisting of all available uniform officers and detectives will round up and detain in Stations all known suspects, loiterers, persons found in hotels, tea-shops, lodging houses etc.,; who fail to give a satisfactory account to the Police of their presence in the Settlement.” Intersections will be barricaded. Chinese newspaper offices needing special attention: 新聞報,申報,中美日報,大晚報,華美晚報,神洲日報,中華日報,時代晚報,中國商報,新申報, with list addresses. Emegency period 9-14 August. Japanese will be carrying out war games in commemoration of the anniversary around 廣中路. 15, 42
113 60 309C Dr. Mark Siegelberg - German Jewish refugee
1940.11 Author of play “Die Masken Fallen” German Jew. Seen as political play, warned to “curb political agitation in future”. Opposition to play from German Consul General 40
113 60 311 Chauffeur not yet located. Motor car belongs to Captain Marsh and not to Major Mann
1940.8 Car ran over two Japanese marines and killed them. Vehicle belonged to a British officer. 14
113 60 312 Indecent literature - letter from Kelly and Walsh Limited 1940.8 One copy of “Ideal Marriage” (Note: this is possibly Ideal Marriage: Its Physiology and Technique by Theodoor Hendrik van de Velde) on the topic of sex was found published by International Book Company. Firm was prosecuted and fined $150 with 9 copies confiscated. Letter from Kelly and Walsh raising concern about French Bookshop issuing books printed in Shanghai that have been banned in England and America. 4
113 60 313 Abduction of 2 male Chinese from Paramount Ballroom
1940 Four armed people with handcuffs walked in and tried to abduct 4 people, got 2. Those who remained could not explain the reason. 10
113 60 314 Tsung Tse Ching, lamp bulb manufacturer 1940.8 19
113 60 315 Attempted assassination on Bubbling Well Road near Dalo swimming pool on 19-8-40
1940.11 Tsang Han Yuen 張漢元 alleged Japanese ties. Assailant seen to have no political ties but live of “dissipation” but financed by someone in Chongqing gov. 35
113 61 316 Toothpaste factory - Zung Yih Ling, factory master 1941.6 52
113 60 317 Hire car commandeered by armed men O.O.L.
1940.8 Records circumstances of case, mostly from cheuffeur's perspective. 6
113 60 318 Han Zao Dramatic Society - application for registration
1940.8 張蒙天, chairman of Han Zao Dramatic Society, list of members. 11
113 60 319 Koong Sien Fung, bank cashier
1940.8 Attempted kidnapping 6
113 60 320 Mustafa Ali Ibrahim (Turkish)
1940.8 Turkish, arrived from Java with two children, worked in Java as peddler. 4
113 60 321 Anonymous letter against C.D.S. 281 - statement taken
1940.8 Anonymous letter with allegations against C.D.S. 林巨甫 14
113 60 322 Assistance to Gordon Road Station in the matter of the arrest of four middle school students
1940.8 Three detained ages 17, 23, 20. Second and third of these alleged by the first to have tried to kidnap him. The second and third confessed to being secret agents of the Association of the United Schools of 81 Edinburgh Road (later statement says secret agents of 76 Jessfield Road collaborationist regime) and said the first had presided over a meeting of Communists at Kwang Zih 光實 Primary school. 8
113 60 323 Two pistols found discarded in room 429 of the Woo Koong Hotel 3
113 60 324 Georgy M. Fedoroff - antecedents and character
1940.8 Born Siberia, served in Admiral Kolchak's army, deserted to the “reds”, then to Manchuria saying he was disappointed with Soviet rule, participated in activities of A. A. Vonsiatsky “All-Russia National Revolutionary Fascist Part” and organiser of the “Fatherland Research Society” but viewed with suspicion for his former connection to the Soviets 3
113 60 325 Communication July 31, 1940, from HBM Consulate General
1940.8 List and details of some 22 individuals. 11
113 60 326 Tsang Kung Jao 1940 6
113 61 327 Clerk Yue Sia-Pah of Special Branch S5 suspected of complicity in armed robbery released by French police on 4-1-41
1941.1 Third class clerk of special branch was suspected of involvement in a robbery of two gold bars 10 taels each, but released due to lack of evidence. 12
113 60 328 G. Pogibin
1940 “Stateless Russian”, Hongkong Hotel Orchestra 3
113 60 329 Strike of employees on Tseng Tsong, glass factory at 21/449 N. Shanse Road
1940.8 Employees of 正昌 glass factory at 21/449 Shanse Road. 32 male workers. Demanding better wages. 4
113 60 330 Hong Pei Zur, clerk
1940 Baby snatched from mother by armed men 5
113 61 331 Japanese Navy Band concert and German war propaganda film [Microfilm header reads 381]
113 60 332 Private house occupied by S.C.G.P.B. at 40 Jessfield Road
1940.8 Armed men entered house under construction and accosted workmen. 3
113 60 333 Shanghai Pawnshop Owners’ Association
1940 Originally known as the 典業公所,reorganized in 1931. After outbreak war 1937 most pawnshops closed or moved to settlement or French concession. Includes list of pawnshops in the international settlement with addresses. 8
113 60 334 Soong Yoeh San
1940 court martialed and sentenced to 7 years. Possession of firearm 19
113 60 335 Stone thrown at Japanese military m/car injuring Japanese officer
1940 Stone thrown through an open window, hitting Japanese officer in the eye. 5
113 60 336 Modern Dramatic Art Society - application for registration refused
1940.8 Application by 章少白. “In view of the irresponsible manner in which the society has been organized, it is suggested that it be refused registration.” 7
113 60 337 Radio transmitting at house 442 - 450 Hart Road
1940.8 USMC ask for information about radio antenna on roof of 442-450 Hart Road. Occupants are Mr and Mrs P.G. Breuer, German couple, former is employed by Kunst and Albers. USMC 1st Lieut R.E. Honsewetz suspects transmitting station. 3
113 61 338 Assistance to French police 1941.1 18
113 60 340 Ching Pao (Intelligence) seizure by police 2-9-40
1940.9 Seizure of copies of 情報 6
113 60 341 Received at Chia Kee hardware shop
1940.9 Anonymous threatening letter received. 2
113 60 342 Sung Tsoong Faung 1941.1 62
113 60 343 Abductions carried out in French Concession on 3-9-40
1940.9 4 agents of Chongqing government taken away to 76 Jessfield Road by 7 armed men. Said to follow defection to Wang Jingwei regime of one Wong Teh Bing 王德平. Wong said to have studied in Japan and speak the language. 8
113 60 344 Assassination of Lieu Tsai Pao and the arrest of Foo Ping Zung. Assassination of Liu Li-Au on Foochow Road
1940.9 Assasination of 劉燦波, Formosan on 1940.9.3 in a restaurant. Carried out by a guerilla unit. Assasin says he is a Blue Shirt. 41, 7, 7
113 60 345 E. Theilheimer - application no. A40/1959 for a “floor show” licence
1940.9 includes a list of songs, described as old Viennese songs, to be performed by Mr. Walther Friedmann, mostly in German. 4
113 60 346 Lee Ming Weaving, Printing and Dyeing Factory (American concern) mediation in labour dispute
1940.10 “The management were annoyed at the attitude adopted by those employees and stopped supplying free food and lodging to these employees” Labour dispute lasted 50 days. Each employee will be paid off 6 months wages and repatriation fee. They live in godown Lane 9, 4 Taiwan Road. They demand a full year pay. Employees divided into two cliques. 17
113 60 347 Ching Ping Zung, rice shop master
1940.9 Kidnapping of rice shop proprietor 6
113 60 348 Fritz Wiener - communication Aug. 2, 1940, from HHM Consulate General 1940.9 4
113 60 349 Bruno Pribram - communication from HBM Consulate General
1940.11 Regarding Bruno Pribram and Luise Koslowski. Request for immigration permits for son of Bruno and for Luise. No known reasons for suspicion. Pribam arrived from Britain with German passport, born Prague, medical doctor. Has no “J” but he is Jewish. Professor of “general surgery and women's diseases” 8
113 60 350 Communication - Aug. 29, 1940, from HBM Consulate General concerning Nicholas George Ivanchenko, former Russian subject 1940.9 3
113 60 351 Mrs. Benno Wolf
1940.9.4 USMC request for info on German Jewish refugee, b. 1904. Mention of murder of a Korean on Foochow Road 1940.9.3 3
113 60 352 Chung Pao - unregistered Chinese daily - seizure by police
1940 Pro-Nanking papers. 京報, 中報 12
113 60 353 Mrs. Salat T. Resurreccion - Filipino. Mrs. Bribiana Lucia Jose - Filipino
1940.10 Jose given 6 months imprisonment for theft. She will be sent back to Philippines to serve out sentence. Said to have stolen a box of money and jewelry. 16
113 60 354 Translation from the Taihoku Shimpo, local Japanese daily re six Russian members of the Frence V. C. who had deserted a few days ago. 1940.9 2
113 60 356 Communication from HBM Consulate General concerning Miss Margarita Veenorovna Hmelevsky
1940.9 Former Russian catholic. To Manchuria 1922, 1931 from Harbin to Tianjin worked as hairdresser, arrived Shanghai 1938. 5
113 60 357 Jing Pao
ref-slip; two personnel files 1; 6
113 60 358 Ko Sin Wei Pao cross-ref 1
113 60 359 Attempted assassination of Mr. R. W. Yorke
1940.9 Victim saw Japanese soldier apprehend the gunman but then released. 18
113 60 360 Russian Japanese relation: buffer state to be created in Mongolia, etc. File not found. See N-360C
113 60 360C Reported creation of buffer state in Mongolia - Ataman G. M. Semenoff
1940.9 Source reports that inner Mongolia will soon be turned into a buffer state. “Was decided upon at the last conference of Soviet Russian, Outer Mongolian, Manchukuoan and Japanese delegates…” 5
113 60 361 Japanese growing influence and local Italian and German commercial circles See N-361C
113 60 361C Reported reaction of local German and Italian commercial circles to growing Japanese influence
1942.3 Italian and German discontent at Japanese military restrictions. Call for a buffer state to be established between German occupied Russia and Japanese occupied region. 7
113 60 362 Ordure coolies in the French Concession - strike called off
1940.9 Last file in Reel 60. Ordure = excrement. They had declared a strike asking for better wages and conditions. Some 600 of them employed in French Concession by 張泉記. Among their demands was a raincoat for each coolie. Strike engineered by the 上海特別市總工會 seen as a pro-Japanese organization. 5
113 61 363 Assassination of Lieu Tseng Ming
1940.9 Shot dead while riding a rikshaw. Lieu was from Anhui, was police constable. “The deceased was alleged to have failed to live up to his promise after the receipt of bribes, with the result that he was assassinated.” 5, 7
113 61 364 Tsi Yen Nen Nyi cross-ref 1
113 61 365 Hwa Hwa Middle School - dispute over lease
1940 Three rented rooms were joined together without permission “in consequence of which a dispute arose.” 4, 6
113 61 366 Hsiang Pao cross-ref sheet 1
113 61 367 Confidential Nothing 1
113 60 367C Threat of life of Mr. C. V. Starr, managing director of Post-Mercury Co.
1942.8 Starr arrived Shanghai 1921, engaged in insurance and newspapers. Left Shanghai 1940.9. July, 1940 Wang Jingwei said to have wanted his expulsion along with 6 other foreigners, said to be because of their pro-Chongqing views. They reported threat to life to French police. 7
113 61 368 Victor Sydney Elliott alias Vincent Lorraine alias Garry alias A. Smith, Eurasian (unrecognized) 1940.9 7
113 61 369 Threatening letter - Mr. Tsu S Yi 1940.9 3
113 61 371 Chang Yien Pao application for registration cross-ref. D8149 1
113 61 372 Farewell parties in honor of Mr. Y. Miura, Japanese Consul General
1940.9.14 To be held at Astor House Hotel who will leave to take up position as minister to Mexico. 2
113 61 373 Anniversary of the occupation of Manchuria by Japan (1931)
1940.9 File in first link does not match title: Mrs. Anna Gourievna Teseikin from Siberia, worked as dancing partner 4, 14, 19
113 61 374 Seizure of Love - a volume edited by D. H. Lawrence
1941.3 Seized works include Lady Chatterlee's Lover, Ideal Marriage, and Yama the Pitt by Alexandra Kuprin. New China Book Company Central Arcade. “Sexual Life of Savages” “as now been published and examination by this office reveaied that whilst it contains matter of a sexual nature, it is treated in a serious scientific manner which cannot be objected to.” 26
113 61 375 Mr. Sung Pah Chun, manager of the Foo Foong Flour Mill
1940.9 Son of manager (孫伯群) kidnapped. 10
113 61 376 Zee Zoong Dao, Chinese medicine shops 1940.10 30
113 61 377 Visit to lawyer’s residence by armed men 1940.10 11
113 61 378 Transportation coolies on customs jetty pontoons No. 6 and 7 - mediation by Municipal Police 1940.10 16
113 61 379 Mrs. Anna Teseikin [Microfilm header reads 373] 1940.9 4
113 61 380 Preparatory Office of the Shanghai Special Municipality Confectionery Shop Employees Union - members assaulted
1941.6 上海茶食業職工會 founded 1940.1. Assault recorded. 8
113 61 381 Letter from HBM Passport Control Office requesting information re Janus (Janos) Mark, Hungarian
1940.9 Had expired Hungarian passport. Issued temporary Netherlands passport valid for one year. Was an employee in Bangkok and wanted to travel to Japan and North China. Another source says he is a former Hungarian Ensign 1914-8, prisoner in Siberia. Then to Harbin where his reputation is not good. To Shanghai 1930 for a few months. In debt, back to Harbin. Left for Dairen 1940. 6
113 61 382 Reported movement for a new Japanese political structure
1940.10 On the formation of the shintaisei 新体制. Merging of a variety of organizations and establishment of 興亜_公会. Includes organizational chart. 7
113 61 383 Strike at the Record Tools Mfg. Co.
1940.9 2
113 61 384 Yong Foong Silk Weaving Factory 1940.9 2
113 61 385 Alleged kidnapping of a male Chinese
1940.9 Wife reports husband kidnapped by three people. Man is accountant and partner of 福利地產公司 4
113 61 386 Listing of seized documents from Sinza Station
1941 Includes list of documents. 29
113 61 387 Examination of handwriting of attached letter received by D.I. Kao Yen-Ken
1940.9 Threatening letter. No match found. 6
113 61 388 Tseng Pao cross-ref D8149-S 46 1
113 61 390 To Feng Jih Poa - unregistered newspaper
113 61 391 C.B.P.O.: 126 complimentary slips: D.C.
1940.9 All forms printed by the Crime Branch have been numbered. List of some of the form types. 3
113 61 392 List of documents, etc., the property of lawyer Sz Kieu Daung - Central F.I.R.
1940.11 lawyer alias was Jordan Darco Sze. Itemized list of documents related to assasination attempt on him. 史久當? Shot three times. Includes statement from Czech and Korean witnesses. 22
113 61 393 Yue Kwung Zer 1940.9 10
113 61 394 Enquiries re movements of W. J. Morris, late of the Tientsin police
1940.9 He visited passport office and then booked passage for Hong Kong and thought to be bound for New Zealand with his wife. Supposedly wants to take up farming. Said to have left many bills unpaid. 6
113 61 395 Exhibition of modern Japanese dramatic performances and moving pictures to be held at the Japanese Modern Science Library in Shanghai
1941.3 They want to do this to promote Sino-Japanese “cultural interflow”. Anti-Japanese slogan chalked on gate-post. Public excluded from exhibition but 800 mostly Chinese invitees. Anti-Japanese slogans include: 反汪, 繼續抗戰, 反日抗日. Complaint of noise from open air cinema from adjoining Hamilton House. Egss thrown into compound from Hamilton House. 24
113 61 396 Reported kidnapping at Lane 608, HSE. 1940.9 3
113 61 397 List of documents found at the home of Liu Ying who was assassinated
1940.9 Crime is politically motivated. Among posessesions are various intelligence documents of the Chongqing Nationalist government. Folder containing certificate to victim from the Japanese emperor. Booklet with addresses of important personages in Nationalist Government in Chongqing. Certificate from Japanese military. Shot in head while sleeping. Liu said by wife to have been employed as broker by Japanese clothing concern, Yong Hwa, on Bund. 15
113 61 398 Sung Cheu Zu, manager 1940.9 10
113 61 399 Schoolboy kidnapped, O.O.L. - Chen Chong Tsung
1940.9.28 陳崇正 student at St John's middle school has been kidnapped by men on Jessfield Road. 4
113 61 400 Strike at the Dah Loh Iron Works 1940.9 150 on strike 2
113 61 401 Mr. Mousinho Fernando Remedios
1940.9 Attempted suicide, Portuguese 3
114 61 402 Loss of municipal property by C.D.C. 83
1940 Police officer lost whistle and telephone box key 2
114 61 403 G. Igarashi re accidental shooting by a Japanese subject of a female Chinese
1940.10 At first denied it was intentional, but when “closely questioned” admited to murderous intent. He will be tried for murder in Nagasaki. 8
114 61 404 Eng. from Br. Consulate re 20 individuals cross-ref
114 61 405 Article in the Tairiku Shinpo containing allegations against the Moore Memorial Church
1940.10 Article alleges that the church was used by Chongqing intelligence as a communication hub and an anti-Japanese performance. 7
114 61 406 Re search of hotels and lodging houses in Louza District
1940.10 File on shooting of Japanese officer, Y. Isobe of Japanese Air Force. Request for lodgings in Louza district to be searched by SMP made by Major Hayashi. Includes list of 11 hotels, 19 lodging houses. Supposedly almost 1,800 people searched.. 18
114 61 407 Further re the shooting and wounding of a male German refugee and a male Chinese by a Japanese sentry on the Hongkew Bridge
1940.10 German Heinrich Schlesinger shot, body removed to International Jewish Committee. Chauffeur Au Poo Yoong also died. 10
114 61 408 City government policemen taking prisoners through settlement unescorted
1941.8 10 members of Suzhou special public police released and escorted to Bund Jetty. Two of them had been armed with bayonets. Were being escorted by city government police through the international settlement without permission. Separate report on 30 Nanjing students being escorted to 76 Jessfield Road. Students were student police en route to Japan to study policing there. 11
114 61 409 Fatal traffic accident
1940 Accident report and statements 12
114 61 410 Chen Miao Fah
DSI Loh Wei Kong 1940.10 ex-driver, driving instructor, 4
114 61 411 Re the arrest by the Japanese consular police of two Swiss subjects
1940.10 Call came in about fighting underway. Two Swiss, Georges Guhl and Otto Benkurt and a Korean Mr. Oka detained. They pushed away Mr. Oka when he was seen inspecting their motorcycle. Later when they emerged from the bar, they claim he hit one of them, with Japanese consular police nearby. Japanese officer Nakamoto involved. Swiss claim extraterritoriality. 5
114 61 412 Ling Pao, application for reregistration
114 61 413 Communication 19-9-40 from the British Consulate General concerning Miss Nina Bogdanoff
1940.10 Russian, father was officer in army. Registered with Russian Emigrant Committee. Made way to Japan and then possibly to Saigon or Bangkok. Stateless Russian, hatmaker. Trying to make her way back to Shanghai frmo Bangkok. 7
114 61 414 Dancing life Cross Ref sheet 1
114 61 415 Tsing Chung Chon Poa - Sweet, Sweet Weekly cross-ref D8419-D 33 1
114 61 416 Wu Hsein Kung Poa cross-ref D8419-S 24? 1
114 61 417 Japanese armed members in the French Concession
1940.10 Several properties under Japanese guard. 5
114 61 418 G. Schwartz, German
1940 first link just cross-ref 1, 10
114 60 418C Josef Schwartz - activities of 1940 Former Austrian, born Trieste, becomes POW of Rusisans, becomes Italian after WWI, to Vladivostok, French army and police, manager Palace Hotel Bar, salesman Ewo Brewery, arrested by French police on suspicion of narcotic smuggling. Obtains German citizenship after Austrian annexation. Becomes “ardent German” 10
114 61 419 Missing medical student
1940 Loh Siu Wang from Ningpo 3
114 61 425 R. Fowler (British), P.H.D., Inspector - anti-British attitude
1940.7 Health inspector. Communist and anti-British propaganda, “liable to cause a disturbing influence” 2
114 60 427C Spanish Economic Mission
1940 List of members of the Spanish Economic Mission that completed a tour in Japan 2
114 60 432C Foreigner engaged in the sale of counterfeit banknotes and narcotics
1940.7 presumed assumed name of Atrovsky, Russian-Polish, said to be selling heroin and cocaine supplied to him by a Korean. It is said counterfeit notes can be purchased from him at price of $1 US for $6 Shanghai 3
114 60 441 Mrs. A. P. Chernovaloff - antecedents and activities 1940.10 5
114 60 442C Assassinations of Japanese military police in the Western District
1940 Includes SMP Warrant Card (執照) for Zu Zeh Ding >150
114 60 457C Activities of Gerald Owen Wootten and Victor Gensburguer - enquiry by HBM Consul General
1940.10 Former resident of Shanghai, now in San Francisco, “activities are suspect”, born London, architect, wife Madeleine Louise still in Shanghai Peking Road. Associated with French Jewish national Victor Gensburger. 8
114 60 467C Opium trade in Nantao
1940 Lists and addresses of opium dens. 15, 17
114 61 512 Mr. J. K. Hora (Czechoslovakian)
1941 Believed to be funded from Germans, was formerly attached to Austrian intelligence in WWI, rebuffed by Czech community in Shanghai, connections in Cape Town, “dangerous individual who is working hand in glove with the Nazis…” 10
114 60 522C Arthur Read, American citizen 1940 American citizen, claimed to be representative of Lindbergh-Wylie group, meeting with Russian “Fascists” and Japanese. Author of book “The Adventure of an American Soldier with the Chinese Forces”, left for Japan 2
114 62 577 New appointment of Miss S. R. J. Feigelman 1944.9.5 1
114 62 578 Re activities of S.P.C. 439 Mai Singh \\ 1944.9 Member of the Indian Independence League and Indian National Army, receiving training at INA training camp at P?c?king Road. His attitude is against those who do not donate to the INA. He criticizes members of the IIL for pro-British views. 2
114 62 592 Anniversary re Jan. 28 incident - activities
1942.1 No indication that any demonstrations will take place. 2,19
114 60 599 Park Hotel - unrest among discharged employees 1942.1 decided to temporarily suspend 54 employees. They were to be paid for January and half pay for February and March. Manager assaulted by three employees. 6
114 60 612 Mr. William F. Kimfull
1941 known associate of narcotic gang, connected to jewel robbery in French concession, possible British subject. 7
114 62 615 Brief details of bombing of Grantown Ballroom 1942.4 Includes list of people. 46
114 61 616 Mrs. E. A. Tomaieff - Princess Tomaieff
1941.1 Risk of arrest by Japanese after White Russians now under Japanese controlled court jurisdiction. 5
114 61 621 Western Shanghai Area Special Police Force 1941.9 27
114 62 630 New China Daily News publishes list of Japanese propaganda organs 1942.5 17
114 61 636 A. V. Waltker - application for registration as candidate for position of police watchman [Microfilm gives name G. M. Tretiakoff]
1941.6 3
114 60 647 Further re Portuguese subject arrested by Japanese Consulate police in a Korean heroin den
1940.12 Francisco Xavier Babtista, arrested during a Japanese raid. He looked Japanese so they detained him. 5
114 61 648 Shiro Brothers - workers resume work following mediation by Special Branch and Industrial and Social Division
1941.12 220 workers walked out when working days reduced to 5 from 6 (Dec 13 1941), declared strike for better working conditions (August, 1941) and settled with mediation of police, Female workers allowed one month of leave after child birth with full wages. Range of other strike reports and documents. 32
114 61 711 Two pistol shots fired into guard room of Japanese landing party 1941.3 3
114 61 712 Attempted murder of Zung Sih Eng
1941.3 chopped four times in head. Member of 大 character class of the Green Gang. 3
114 61 713 Ma Zang Yien
strike report 1941.3 proprieter of incense shop, reporting on end of strike. 8
114 61 714 Attempted assassination of Chang Yang Nyi
1941.3 張養義 3
114 61 715 Communication from the British Consulate General concerning the Kozikis family
114 61 716 Tsant Tsoong Zu 1941.3 8
114 61 756 Assassination of a male Formosan in French Concession
1941.4 Assasination April 1 outside house 193 Rue Wagner by “lone desperado” of Tseu Hoong Nyieh 周鴻業. Had worked in educational and newspaper circles in Canton and spoke Cantonese. Became editor of Canton Daily News on North Szechuan Road. Employed by Japanese in intelligence. Heavily addicted to heroin, well aquainted with Korean drug dealers (refuting article translated on next page) 4
114 61 757 Assassination of Tung Chu, translator of C.M.F.
1941.4 Victim was 董肖涵, translator in French concession, shot on Ave Joffre by former criminal said to have been hired as “special service” of Western District, suspected political motivation. 2
114 61 758 Tanza Inice cross-ref 1
114 60 765C Mrs. Evelyn Oleaga, History
1941.4.7 (Not in Index) Now in British Columbia, survived suicide of husband, married Spaniard, later associated with Hilaire du Berrier, US citizen of “very quiestionable character”, aviator with Nationalists in Spain, bomber in Italo-Abyssianian conflict, agent for Japanese intelligence. Known as Viki Burkhart and associate of “Princess” Rajkumari Sumair Singh (Patiala), has styled herself Countess Victoria Lea. 5
114 60 795C George Jean Lipsman
1941.4 Romanian by birth, 5 years in Calcutta as manager Far Eastern Hotels, restaurateur. General Manager CAthay Hotels. On Japanese attempt to buy Cathay Hotel, Nanking Road 4
114 60 813 Martin J. C. Woo
1941.4 native of Shanghai, 吳吉_, became Superintendent of Shanghai City Government 1939.1.7 3
114 62 815 National Salvation propaganda found in the settlement on Apr. 27, 1941 1942.5 23
114 61 816 Missing Italian banker and niece
1941.4.28 Vgo Cahen D'Anveis and niece Carletti, told friends they were leaving for Beijing. Shipping lists show they left for Kobe. 2
114 61 817 Bruno Katz, German Jewish refugee - re proposed distribution of tracts among Jewish refugees
1941.4 “In short the contents of the leaflets exhort ail Jews in Shanghai to mend their Ways from a religious and moral angle.” “ Mr. KATZ, it would appear, is trying to do his utmost to improve the lot of local refugees but it is no exaggeration to state that he is a religious fanatic whose sole object in life seems to be to educate his fellow Jews in a religious sense.” 5
114 61 841 Miss Sophia Koussis
1941.5.9 b. 1911 Vladivostok, father Greek mother Russian. Stenographer. No suspicion 2
114 61 844 V. E. Bedrin - candidate for the position of police watchman and/or bodyguard 194.5 3
114 61 845 Mr. Joseph Rehak - enquiry from the British Consulate General in Shanghai
1941.5 Born Czechoslovakia, arrived from Vladivostock. Restaurateur, been to Harbin and Qingdao. Former owner of Kavkaz restaurant. Manager of Canidrom and Majestic ballrooms and licence of “Little Club”, in Harbin 1938-40 managed Mars cafe, back to Shanghai and opeend Moravia-Czech Ham and Sausage Factory, managed Balalaika restaurant, contract to become matre d'hotel of Ritz restaurant and ballroom in Hong Kong. 5
114 61 846 Communication 24-4-41, Manila, from Messers. Rivera, Pascual, and Garcia concerning Witold Obropalsky
1941.5 Criminal record includes manufacturing explosives. 1930 back to Tianjin from Japan, said to have been involved in dealing narcotics. Info on fellow gang member M. Levitsky, Russian. Dealers in Morphine. 34
114 61 853 Asia Rubber Trust Company
114 61 856 A. P. Hull
1941 Singapore Naval authorities, Pathe camera man 6
114 61 860 Ralph Deitch
1941.6.9 Lithuanian British subject 4
114 61 863 Mrs. K. D. Rivkin - antecedents and character
1941.5 Russian Jewess from Odessa arrived via Harbin, operated boarding house, was manageress of Jewish Club and chief stewardess in Dairen Club. Opened restaurant Rose-Marie on 234 Broadway, and opened Wonder Bar, then operated bar Quinsan Gardens. 4
114 61 865 Mrs. Annetta Ottolenghi - enquiries
1941.5 Known in Shanghai as Mrs. Luca, artist 4
114 61 867C Alexander Crichton
1941 British, Scotland, Royal Navy, boxer, SMP police, International Export Company 6
114 61 877 Izak Markus Kurz
1941.8 Polish Jew, passport from Palestine left Shanghai for Tokyo 4
114 61 887 Richard Wyatt
1941.4.22 Life insurance 2
114 61 895 Mrs. Shura Purvey - address
1941.8 Effort to locate British subject and daughter Mina Kitzis, deported from Singapore. “conducted a brothel” in Bombay. 13
114 61 900 Marshal of the U.S. Court for China, Shanghai
1941 On American desire for confidential information on American subjects and others 7
115 61 900/1 Thorleaf Toeflesen et al: enquiry from U.S. Marshal 1931, 1945-6 Large file with many separate files relating to US citizens, including lists. Goes into the postwar period. 136
115 61 900/33 Nicolai Vassilievitch Shopoff alias Nicola Snopow Tsvetkovitch 1941.11 5
115 61 911 Julius Marcus
1941 Pagoda Hosiery company, El Oriente Fabrica de Tabacos, d. 1937, missing husband 6
115 61 917 Dr. and Mrs. Harry Goodman - Dr. Hechtman
1941.6 Romanian Jew Dr. Hechtman in posession of passport of Harry Goodman who has been dead for two years. 4
115 61 925 Radio materials in Standard Radio Corporation. Godwin removed by Japanese. 1941.6 標準無線電公司 had all its radio equipment taken by the Japanese military in the French Concession. 2
115 61 927 Charles W. Lovy alias Karl Wilhelm Lowy
1941.10 Austrian Jewish refugee, b. 1910 Vienna with wife Lily. Worked as translator proofreader. Anti-Nazi. Separate file on enquiries for information about B. Silberstein, arrived 1934 10
115 61 933 Communication 25-6-41 from the Netherlands Consulate General requesting information re numerical strength of local Russian community
1941.7 Claims that Russian community in Shanghai numberes 25,000, including some 1,200 Soviet citizens. Russian Emigrants committee carried out re-registration process and as of 1940.12 they counted 17,881 people: 6,912 Men, 8,366 women, rest children under 18. First half of 1941, another 1,566 registered (618 men, 779 women, rest children). To this number, small number of Ukrainians to be added, naturalized Chinese of Russian origin, and various Russian emigrants who failed to register for various reasons, seen to be relatively large. 11
115 61 934 Hanza Emile Ezre
1941.6 Romanian, arrived in 1923, married Judah Ezra who was arrested in US for narcotics trafficking. Works in cosmetics business, was British by marriage, husband came to Shanghai after serving sentence, connected Yung Sung Club 5
115 61 935 Friedrich Redlinger - German (Austrian) Jewish refugee - communication from British Consulate General, Shanghai
1941.6 a “trustworthy” anti-Nazi “sole desire…to proceed to Burma” where he can be employed as a printer. 4
115 61 943 Income Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of the Nanking Government - activities
Clip,Evening Echo 1941.7.31 Example of “tax collectors” coming and assessing tax owed for 1940, then offering to accept some money to re-assess the tax at a lower amount. 20
115 61 944 July 7, 1941 - the 4th anniversary of the outbreak of Lukouchiao Incident, 1937, Sino-Japanese hostilities
1941.8 Includes a range of files, newspaper clippings and reports related to this, including some translations of propaganda material. 45
115 61 947 Letter from HBM Consulate General, Shanghai, June 10, 1941 - J. Schleier
1941.7.7 Izac Schleyer Romanian subject domiciled in Lwow, Romanian passport arrived Shanghai 1941 5
115 61 955 Male Russian abducted by 4 male Koreans and detained by Japanese gendarmerie
1941.7 The Russian in question to be charged with extortion (of Korean heroin sellers) 10,3
115 61 966 Entry of Russian members of SMP into Canada and Australia for long leave [Microfilm header reads 955] 1941.7 “He stated that it was at present practically impossible for any alien to secure entry to Canada for any purpose.” “Mr. Cox was asked how European Political Refugees were affected and replied that entry to Australia was impossible for then.” 3
115 61 969 P. H. Tolani - arrival of (Pahaljrai Hiranand Tolani alias Pahlaj)
1941.7 Arrived in Shanghai from Nagasaki. Believed to have misappropriated $182,000 from Commercial Agency. 4
115 61 973 Robert Charles Turner sentenced to gaol for “unlawful killing”
1941.7 Newspaper clipping. Former chief SMC architect kills his gardener with an explosive trap he had set up to scare away thieves. 2
115 61 974 Fritz Covat cross-ref 1
115 61 978 Ignaz Pivnik - German Jewish refugee - begging letter
1939.8 Refugee born Viena 1915, registered with the International Relief Fund. 4
115 61 985 British resident is penalized - Mr. Richard T. Down
1941.7 Employed with Andersen Meyer & Co. Born Bristol, England, been in Shanghai since 1919. Penalized for not registering in consulate. Letter asking for information on him when he didn't write letters. 7
115 61 989 Antonia Hane - communication from Swiss Consulate General re whereabouts
1941.8 No trace of her found. 9
115 60 1000C Anne Mary Beaumont and Hilda Evelyn Evans - applicants for position of secretary to Commissioner of Police 1941.7 5
115 61 1001 Reported arrest of Woo Kwung Sung, manager of Sung Sing No. 9 by Japanese gendarmes in French Concession
1941.8 Released by French police. Had been arrested on suspicion of involvement of murder of a Japanese Special Deputy Commissioner. 5
115 61 1002 Labour unrest amongst employees of the Sing Kong Press, No. 477-481 Sinza Road
1941.7 23 workers demand better pay, rice, hours reduced to 8 from 9 and 5 instead of 6 night hours, full rest and pay on Sundays. Strike settled, “management will consider an increase” 7
115 61 1003 Discovery of a smoke bomb at a Japanese department store in French Concession
1941.7 日商合同百貨商店 2
115 61 1004 Chung Hwa Wharf Stevedoring and Lighterage Co. Ltd.
1941.7 Includes heavy financing by Shanghai police. 13
115 61 1005 Discovery of a bomb in French Concession
1941.7.29 Bomb of the cigarette tin type found at entrance of clothing shop. 2
115 61 1006 Reported bombing of residence of manager of Mitsui Bussan Kaisha, Ltd. untrue - case revealed to be armed robbery at another residence
1941.7 Attempted robbery posing as water melon hawkers carrying a hand grenade. 4
115 61 1007 Public Works Department - Chinese supervisor of Yenping Road Depot kidnapped
1941.8 Had previously received threatening letters, was said to have earned displeasure of a coolie union. 6
115 61 1014 Nicolay Ivanovich Lebedeff, I. N. Masloff, Miss P. T. Potekalova, Miss N. S. Baranova alias Baiwkina and Mrs. V. N. Horton nee Nikolajeff
115 61 1018 Nanking News Jursit Ass'n Inaugurated
1941.7 Election results recorded. 2
115 61 1020 Foreign Hotel Chinese Employees’ Mutual Aid Society 1941.8 Connected D1020. Large collection with lists and misc. files. 114
115 61 1026 Mrs. Liselotte Mergler
1941.8 German Jewish, arrived June 1939. Father is owner of Hermen Stamp Co. Bubbling Well Road, Married Harry Mergler 5
115 61 1031 Edwin Vincent Cunningham
1941 dismissed teacher from St John's University, theft 2
115 61 1033 Miss L. A. Nikolsseff - antecedents and character 1941.8 2
115 61 1035 Mr. W. Duncan
1941.8.12 Note saying W. Duncan will be head of Special Branch, SMP 2
115 61 1068 Communication 20-8-41 from the Office of the Press Attache, British Embassy, concerning Anatoly Innkentievich Soutnikoff
1941.8 Sotnikoff is Russian born in Siberia, escaped from USSR to Manchuria 1930 and lived in Harbin. 1937 to Shanghai. Wireless operator by profession. Then to Japan 1939. Reportedly engaged by Miguchi Co. 4
115 61 1077 Klaus Mehnet, German (Aryan)
1941.9 German born in Moscow, Prof of History at U of Hawaii, publisher of XXth Century. “An enthusiastic Nazi”; “Frequent visitor to the German school in Great Western Road and to the Park Hotel, where he is often seen in conversation with members of the German Consulate-General” 7
115 61 1080 R. H. (Nick) Boyle and H. (Harry) Kerrey
1941.8 Boyle from Newcastle Australia, to Manila 1920 on crew of sailing ship, to Shanghai 1922. Manila police report, “The reputation of Jack Boyle, alias Nick Boyle, in this community is very poor. He sponged on his friends for support while in Manila and sometimes took part in boxing matches, invariably losing- During his stay in Manila he was associated with the worst element”. Discharged by Jardine Bund pontoon for malfeasance. Drunkard. Kerrey is professional piano player, “indulges in alcoholic bouts from time to time and quite unfit to work on these occasions.” 5
115 61 1089 Mrs. Newman Wolson
1941.9 No information about her 4
115 62 1101 Fraudulent activities of Valentin Herper, head of the “Asia Land Co.” 1942.10 31
115 61 1102 Sept. 18 anniversary - passed off quietly (Mukden Incident 1931)
1941.9 Collection of a number of different files. Includes translation of various handbills for “national salvation propaganda” and then a list of pro-Wang Jingwei handbills. 40
115 61 1103 Labour unrest at the Ching Hwa Glass Factory
1941.9 晶華 Glass factory. Manager suspended 33 apprentices due to recent power outage. They were offered 3 months pay but demanded 5 and said they would not leave factory until demand met. Management proposal accepted with mediation of police. 2
115 61 1104 Van Foong - silk weaving factory 1942.3 Last file on Roll 61 2
115 62 1232 Mrs. Vera Levitsky nee Stikova 1941.11 8
115 62 1233 L. Klausner
1941 German citizen, G. Voyden Company 4
115 62 1234 Mrs. Regina Campbell nee Rosenberg
1941.11 born Silesia, German Jewish parents. German passport, employed as bar girl in Imperial Bar on Broadway 4
115 62 1237 Mrs. Gwendolyn Maud Andrews
1941.11 Born in Shanghai, father British with Shanghai Power Company. Works as stenographer with Phoenix Assurance Company. Info requested by future husband. 4
115 62 1238 Hans Gutwirth - Argus Detective Agency
1941.11 advertisement for detective agency. Employee of Chemico chemical firm. “Has a very amateurish conception about the work of a detective and intends to specialise in 'shadowing' the wives of jealous husbands, using all sorts of comic opera disguises.” Mixed in with a large collection of other files labeled “Jap” 4,,178
115 62 1266 R. H. Kehrwyn - application for license to carry firearms
1941.12 Austrian, until recently German passport. Fought in Austrian army against Russians. Engineer by profession. Worked at Ford plant in Detroit. Went to Italy in 1940 to have daughter's voice trained. While there, his permit to return to the US was cancelled as German citizen. Was to fly on a Norwegian airlines flight from Germany to Athens, but the plane was detained when Norway was invaded. Through a Nazi lawyer's help he got the plane released and flew to Athens with it. Instead of returning to Berlin after his mission he went to Shanghai, reported to German council and was ordered to work with Japanese military. Says he did this under Nazi pressure from German council. Insists his involvement with Japanese military is on commercial basis. He made way to Shanghai from Japan, German Council insists he returns to Japan, reminding him he is a deserter for failing to return to Berlin from Athens. His German passport is taken away in Shanghai by German Council after his refusal to return to Japan. Claims to have given intelligence to British naval office members Woolley and Sheppard. Believes his life in danger and that he is being followed by Nazis. Woolley claims information given was worthless and says Kehrwyn is “dangerous person capable of double-crossing anyone with whom he has dealings.” 7
115 62 1271 Chung Hwa People’s Anti-British and American Association to give cinema shows and concerts at Grand Theatre on July 7, 1942 [Microfilm header reads 1238] 1942.3 10
116 61 1366 Sale of indecent books - managers of bookstores warned
116 62 1368 British subject missing - Mr. Watts
1942 Last seen by a Mrs. Andrews near the Hungjao Golf Club. He told her that he was going to Tianjin. 2
116 62 1371 Tsi Li Ming - hospitalized suffering gunshot wounds 1942.2
116 62 1401 New People Movement - promoted by the Nanking Government
1942.1 on Wang Jingwei's collaborationist government campaign. Follows principles of the Chongqing New Life movement and the Sino-Japanese Rapprochment Pact. Outline of plan that emerged from 1942.1.16 meeting for propaganda, recruiting, etc. Prizes for composing songs and plays on the movement. 3
116 62 1410 Anti-British and Anti-American Association meeting 1942.6 13
116 62 1411 Kiangsu High Court, Second Branch
1942.1 Names and addresses of court officials 4
116 62 1416 British subject arrested by Japanese - consular police for shop-lifting
1942.2 George Henry Gracias Cameron, living at Salvation Army Hospital. He stole two Japanese-English dictionaries. 2
116 62 1418 Release of communist suspect
1942 Suspect Hsu Tsao Sih (許_雪), found with Russian books. Includes interesting list of books including Russian classics. 17
116 62 1427 Shanghai office of the International Anti-Communist League established
1942.2.12 國際反共聯盟 office opened February 1 1942. Will publish a monthly 國際反共聯盟月刊. Chaiman of the organization is 朱鼎. Headquarters of the organization is in Tokyo with branch in Nanjing. 3
116 62 1432 Central Charity Committee
1942 Regulations of the St Panteleiman's Society for the Care of Indigent Tuberculars 7
116 62 1433 Alleged threats against a clerk in the employ of Samuel Osborn and Company Ltd. 1942.2 A clerk reported to be threatened by 3 ex-coolies. 1
116 62 1436 Communication from Robert Peritz requesting permission to establish an office as a commission agent for turf accountant
1942.2 To collect bets related to Canidrome, and receive 7% commission on all bets. 2
116 62 1437F-3 List of foreign census in the Central District
1942.10 Hard to read, roll version contains useful list of residents by nationality. 1, 50
116 62 1437-2 Pao Chia system in the settlement
1942.9 21, ~100
116 62 1437-3 Pao Chia system in the settlement (continued) 1942.4 40
116 62 1437-73(1) Organization of “Civil Policing Corps” by French police authorities expenses to be borne by residents in Pao Chia District
116 62 1440 Meeting held by the “China Anti-British and Anti-American Association” [Microfilm header reads 1473] 1942.2 中華民族反英美協會 meeting with around 400 in attendance.
116 62 1444 Miss Kira P. Mugantseff - antecedents and character
1942.2 Russian widow, cashier 3
116 62 1457 Membership and activities of the “Independent Australia League” in Shanghai
1942.5 “Breakaway Australia Movement” 25
116 62 1459 Shanghai Municipality Buddhists’ Association - formally inaugurated
116 62 1473 The Hellenic Benevolent Society of China 1942.2 Includes member list 13
116 62 1478 Translation from French - circular
1942.3 Bizarre statement of Paul A. Permingeat 4
116 62 1479 Arrival of Mr. P. Dufour
1942.7 Havas News Agency 3
116 62 1482 Power-of-attorney of Mrs. Martha Ehrlich, German Jewish refugee - request for police endorsement of document for purposes of legalization
1942 Matter concerns a lift and its contents in Switzerland to be auctioned off. 3
116 62 1483 Cooperative store of the Russian Accountants’ Association
1942.3 On the goals, beyond commercial, of the cooperative store. 3
116 62 1484 Heinrich Lukacs - communication from, requesting permission to organize lotteries of valuables
1942.3 German Jewish refugee. Lukacs seemed vague and not able to clearly describe the proposed scheme which was to benefit the refugee communitee. Said not be in public interest to allow this. 4
116 62 1502(C) Sub-Inspector S. G. Nadeyeff - letter to editor of New Times
1942.4 Nadeyeff said to be member of local Soviet Citizens Club, alleged to have been involved in anti-Soviet activities. 5
116 60 1523(C) Complaint of Hungarian Association re enclosed notice in the Shanghai Times of May 2, 1942
1942.5 Hungarian community in Shanghai used to be very small, now includes many more due to Jewish refugees, who are now more than half of the membership. Possibly the call for Hungarians to register had anti-semitic element? Original article not included. 9
116 62 1528(C) Coal racket: giving rise to political suspects
1942.4 pillage of coal from M.B.K. Coal Yard in Pootung 3
116 62 1547 Betty Birnbaum, suspected white slave trafficking 1940.4 10
116 62 1714 Arrest of members of Shanghai Shoe Stall Keepers Lien Nyi Association
1942.11 Complaint of assault. 2
116 62 1734 Enquiries on behalf of Public Health Department. SMC re missing medicine. G. N. Ginh, Russian emigrant
1942.7 Suspect as potentially being involved in the missing medicine. 15
116 62 1740 Further on Yellow Federation (the racial grouping of Asiatics) 1943.1 4
116 62 1741 Anti-Japanese pamphlets found posted on Race Course Road
1943.3 Posters include “Oppressed members of the Vigilance corps Are you willing to act as the claws and teeth of the Japarese devils?” “Oppressed members of the Vigilance Corps! Are you willing to obstruct the patriotic movement?” 4
116 60 1766 Re performance by Mr. Herbert Zerbert, German Jewish refugee
1943.4 Gave a performance without license. Zernick in body of document. Performance anti-German and anti-Japanese, ridiculing Japanese gendarmes. 1
? ? 900/42 Heirich Kayer and fourteen other persons 1941.12.7 (Not in index) 1
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