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CS Files Crime and Special Branch

These 25 files are in Roll 63 (63).

Most of the CS files seem to focus on investigations around police officers themselves: their conduct, suspicions of crime, promotions, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that any claims in these documents must be viewed with great care. SMP police records are filled with stereotypes, rumor, gossip, slander, and unsubstantiated claims about the individuals it reports on.

Individual SMPA Files Tagged as CS Files

Box Roll File Folder Title/Contents Link Tags Date Notes Pages
119 63 143 Translation of letter addressed to Mr. Aiers
1930 Investigation around a letter written to the police. List of stores on Wuchow Road since letter came “from Merchants doing business on Wuchow Rd”. Translation of a letter from someone named Sung (沈) making accusations about Hongkew Police C.D.C Zee Vung Tsong 徐文忠 supposedly recruiting followers who are “robbers or loafers” 7
119 63 146 Translation of anonymous letter addressed to the Commissioner of Police
1930 1
119 63 159 Recommendation of CDC 155 Pan Tsong Ngoh
1930 1
119 63 162 Complaint against CDC 116
1930 1
119 63 163 CDC 107 Woo Yao Yung Basically empty 1
119 63 166 Division orders Nov. 27 1930 No. 3419
1930 2
119 63 167 Kau Kyung Dong
1930 Attempt to track down person signing with this name in Hongkew Market. Alleged robbery on North Szechuen Road. Suspicion that letter was written by someone else. 4
119 63 168 Attached Chinese invitation card Mostly unreadable 2
119 63 169 Hsu Vong Liang
1930 “Mailing a false report at Central Police Station in connection witih alleged abduction of the Chinese Authorities which eventually turned into a love affair.” Details of a case of a love affair between a (not legally) married woman, Mo Tsan Ying who was a female agent attached to Headquarters Staff, and a C.D.C officer. Mention of protection of the “The Door of Hope” 13
119 63 171 Tsu Shih 1930 Alleged malpractice of C.D.C Tsang Shiao-ling 張筱林 attached to Foochow Road Police station “who makes use of his influence as a public officer to swell his own pockets” and said to have abandoned his wife and child. 4
119 63 173 Sung Dzoong Li 1930 2
119 63 175 [Unused number] 1930 mostly unreadable 3
119 63 176 Zia Sz Dzien 1930 4
119 63 177 Birthday invitations
1931 Interview of C.D.S 121 Wong Sien Chang involving allegations about invitation cards for “a birthday party for his mother” at the Chue Shing Lieu Restaurant Canton Road with 70 invitations for friends. Mother is turning 70 years old. Seperate letter alleges that people have been getting letters demanding a gift of $10 each to donate, requesting amount to be reduced to $3 or $4. “Wong Se Chong demands from every opium smoking den a sum of $6, a sum too heavy for us, poor mortals, to bear…” Translation of the invitation: “December 21 being the 70th birthday of my mother, a feast is prepared for your and your family's attendance.” 9
119 63 178 Chang Ching Mou
1930 File relating to an application of 張敬謨 to join the SMP by a reputed army officer. Background check of the applicant. Background check finds that he may not have been an army officer but instead a clerk at Harbin Road Station who was terminated for unsatisfactory work. “Said to be associated with loafers and opium smugglers.” 11
119 63 179 Wong Zang Kung(s) to Louza
1931 Some files on the satisfactory and unsatisfactory performance of several officers. Wong Zang Kung is just the first in the list. 9
119 63 181 Yu Ah Kung - malpractice
1931 The C.D.I. Yu Ah Kung accused of malpractice in case of investation into extortion. No evidence of extortion found. 7
119 63 182 Zau Zoh Yuin
1931 Investigating the possible theft of items from an arrested suspect including $150, a gold earring, and a gold ring. 7
119 63 183 Re allegations against CDC 176 Liang Nyoh Liang. Convict's wife said to be on verge of death in the hospital.
1931 Allegations made by a convict 6
119 63 184 Sih Tse Liang and Kuh Pao Hua
1932 Details regarding promotions of officers. 15
119 63 185 Lieu Yoong Kung
1931 Quarrel between Lieu Yoong Kung and Vung Pah Zung. Report of “Insolence to his superior officer” surrounding a case of him being sent to the French Concession. 8
119 63 186 Re arrest of one Doo Tub-Sung for possession of firearms
1931 Accused claims to have bought the weapon in France and have recently returned to Shanghai, not knowing the regulations in place there regarding fire arms. 2
119 63 187 Tsa Soong Bing 1931 Convict claims that his son borrowed $5000 and paid it to a detective Loh Lien Kwei as a “gratuity” to guarantee his release. “Now I am going to be executed, you ought to ask him to return you the money so that you can repay those who you borrowed from. Any money remained, you may spent it for my funeral expenses.” Separate letter claims that the son denies having borrowed the money or having given the amount to the police officer. 4
119 63 189 Tseu Khai Yung and Lieu Su Hyuin
1931 Letter accuses two Chinese detectives of “creating a nuisance” and taking bribes. Memorandum says: “I have heard of the practice myself. J.? Harbin Road has always had the reputation of doing this kind of thing.” Interview of the two in question: “There is nothing can be found to justify the allegations…they, nautrally, deny such 'squeeze' habits.” 6
119 63 190 Chiang Tsai Nyoh - suicide
1931 Case of a woman commiting suicide by opium poisoning. Was reportedly a friend of a C.D.C who was interviewed regarding the matter. One note from 20 November writes, “He has obviously been paying out money in excess of his wages to keep a wife and 3 children and a ?. Will you please transfer him to Bubbling Well…I think it will be in the interests of the….” 12

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